From the beginning of your project, we work out the creative theme together in a tailor-made approach. Our talents, whether they are chefs, decorators, mixologists or oenologists, then unleash their creativity to offer you the signature concept of your reception.

A collection of flavors

A daring blend of aromas, enhanced noble products, surprising textures, discover a selection of culinary seasonal creations from our Chefs.

Inventive scenographies,
from the plate to the ceilings

The search for harmony and experience guides our teams so that staging and gastronomy meet and become one.

From the moment they arrive, your guests should, at a glance, be wowed and immerse in the atmosphere of your event. Beyond the decor and the welcome, it is also around the flavour of the plate that your guests must live the experience!

Always with a certain sense of detail, our Chefs work in close collaboration with our decoration and style department so that gastronomy is fully integrated into the scenography thanks to the choice of tableware, the search for new materials, the creation of exclusive service dishes, the enhancement of culinary workshops, the design of new forms of service...In order to achieve your goal : mark the mind of your guests.

Food concepts 
to your taste

From uninhibited street food to convivial tapas to share, through elegant cocktail pieces, not to mention the tasting dishes like in the restaurant, Saint Clair meets all your expectations with the conviction of Taste. That of the beautiful and especially the good, inherited from our restaurant DNA thanks to our founder, a great Michelin-starred Chef.

Because we know that you do not welcome your collaborators in the same way as your best customers, the Chefs Saint Clair create a contemporary cuisine, fair and appropriate for any occasion.


Our Chefs, Christophe and Lionel, are committed to offering you the fairest possible gastronomy. Just with respect for the seasons, the environment and people. They thus set off to meet the producers and artisans of our regions in order to tastefully and carefully select very high quality ingredients to concoct daring recipes.
Offering you healthy, authentic and eco-responsible cuisine guides us with each creation of a new collection.

As a player in committed food, our membership in the Global Compact since 2009, the United Nations global pact, integrates the environmental, economic and social concerns of our business and seals our commitments.

of character

Unique Saint Clair encounters have given rise to characterful collaborations with prestigious and audacious chefs such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Akrame, Pierre Sang and Juan Arbelaez. From these exceptional encounters, we offer you the possibility of signing the menu for your public relations cocktail receptions or your gala dinners with a cuisine of personality, orchestrated and served in collaboration with Saint Clair.

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