Hospitalities & sporting events

Opening night of the 2019 Women's World Cup of Football

An evening in honor of the regions of France to inaugurate this international women's competition at the Grand Palais on June 4th, 2019

3 distinct spaces gave life to the French landscapes: 

The Provencal farmhouse
surrounded by its typical market in the South of France.

 Our Chefs have carefully selected quality raw ingredients and French products, which they have cooked with respect and generously staged on the market stalls. A shimmering flower market finalizes the market square where our decorators were able to compose wild flowers bouquets for the guests according to their inspiration. 

The art
of the French garden.

 Made-to-measure patterned table runners, re-purposing of dumb-waiters for an original and delicate decoration, structured plant compositions, vintage porcelain… our Decoration and Style Department was inspired by the gardens and the history of our most famous castles and their gardens.

The authentic vineyards
reinterpreted with modernity and creativity.

At the bar and at the table, a mix and match spirit at the crossroads of industrial style and retro. The bars, tables and wooden furniture bring warmth and authenticity to the whole. The retro chic touch gives a twist to the ensemble with beautiful demijohn and pretty vintage windows. Without forgetting modernity with our range of exclusive tasting glasses, made from an upcycling of our own bottles of wine. They thus have a second life and take on their full meaning here.