At Saint Clair, there are no small or large celebrations, there are only encounters!

Whether it is a corporate event or a private reception, from 10 to more than 5,000 guests, each occasion is the perfect pretext to celebrate one's joy, get together to thank, share emotions, release one's creativity, living experiences… Each event is unique, which is why Saint Clair constantly adapts the recipe to make it a success. The palette of our services is wide to meet all your expectations in all circumstances, and support you in all your moments of life, professional as personal.

and parties

Gala dinner, fundraising evening, award ceremony or festive meal ...

The secret to creating beautiful memories is cultivated around a beautiful table where employees, relatives, patrons or clients gather.

Mastering the art of perfect hospitality in order to break free from codes and boldly reinvent yourself, a daily philosophy at Saint Clair. Contemporary tableware, gourmet menus or choreographed service, our talents bend over backwards to meet your requirements.

and receptions

Corporate or institutional evening, internal event, garden party or product launch, the cocktail reception has many faces for companies and individuals.

Alive and colorful by nature, the Saint Clair cocktail reception is at the crossroads of human and sensory encounters. A proximity format, conducive to exchanges and discoveries with you, your guests and our teams.

& private events

Intimate or grandiose weddings, baptisms or children's birthdays ... A day full of emotions where the effervescence of the organization can be a source of apprehension. This is why a Saint Clair Event Manager is dedicated to support and advise you at every step. Whether you are assisted by a wedding planner or not, Saint Clair designs a personalized and tailor-made project for you.

Craftsmen of happiness, our Chefs and our decorators are at your side to magnify the most beautiful day of your life and fulfill your most wonderful dreams. On D-Day, enjoy these delicious moments with your loved ones, in all serenity.


Get married at the Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair

Major sporting
and cultural events

National and international sports competitions, inauguration of exhibitions, magical shows ... The Parisian calendar of major sporting and cultural events sets the pace for Saint Clair's work schedules.

From the intimate format of lodges to warm hospitality lounges, Saint Clair serves up to 4,000 guests during the same evening in emblematic places such as the Stade de France, the Parc des Princes, the racetracks or the Operas of Paris. 

Vibrate among supporters or marvel at an artist, your guests will experience unforgettable emotions. Continuing the experience and getting together around a gastronomy with renewed authentic pleasures is at the heart of Saint Clair's concerns. Friendliness, sharing and passion guide our teams to prepare each event.


Each year, our department dedicated to Professional Trade Shows migrates to the great outdoors, such as the International Paris Air Show and Farnborough Air Show, the Paris Motor Show, Eurosatory at the Villepinte Exhibition Center, etc. to organize and serve thousands of guests.

With a solid expertise in industrial fairs, Saint Clair efficiently and calmly ensures very large-scale events over a long period thanks to a high-performance production laboratory, perfect logistical control, gastronomy adapted to an international clientele and a multilingual service staff, fluent in English, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our teams deploy specific work techniques for these business meetings in order to offer you a fair and quality service.

& seminars

Bringing together, thanking, announcing, motivating… so many challenges to take up for your convention or seminar to appeal to your employees. In addition to the enthusiasm of coming together, there is an architect, the kitchen. That of Saint Clair translates into generosity, friendliness and greed to unite your teams around a strong message where pleasure and professional or personal sociability come together.