Our team,
our know-how

Behind each Saint Clair reception unfolds the meeting of know-how. That of women and men who are above all experts in their profession, but also driven by passion and guided by high standards. The union of these talents and their complementarity make Saint Clair's strength to design and organize events that suit you.

Event managers at your service, audacious Chefs, committed producers, talented scenographers, passionate mixologists, hunters of curious venues, attentive butlers ... The richness of their encounters and their backgrounds is expressed at each stage of the organization of your event.

The organization  
and advice of expert Event Managers

Recognized for its expertise in event organization and leader in the Parisian market, Saint Clair integrates a team of 30 Event Managers. Listening to you and specially trained in the hotel and catering industry, they advise you and coordinate our talents for your events.

Thanks to a team structured according to your field of activity, you will thus benefit from a unique contact, entirely dedicated to your current and future events.

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Our core business, combining aromas and flavors with creativity, with the greatest respect for ingredients. A creative but responsible freedom, which gives birth to an inspired cuisine, served with precision, designed with style and always elegant.

Particular care is taken in the selection of our producers and our raw materials to be as close as possible to your expectations. Quality, commitment and transparency, criteria that we apply rigorously on a daily basis for tasty gastronomy, more respectful of the environment.

At the head of our kitchen, Christophe and Lionel, two Chefs recognized for their gastronomic know-how. Assisted by their teams, they create authentic and unique recipes with involvement for tailor-made events.

Christophe Larrat

Executive Chef of Saint Clair Kitchens, has developed during his career a keen sense for innovation, culinary excellence and knowledge transmission. Member of  “Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier” and the “Académie Culinaire de France”, he studied with great starred Chefs such as Viviane Darroze, Joël Robuchon, Alain Ducasse or Michel Troisgros.




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Portrait Lionel Lallement netb
Lionel Lallement

Lionel Lallement, Pastry Chef of Saint Clair, becomes “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” at only 23 years old to the applause of the greatest of the profession. His creativity, passion and precision are such that he has become a valuable reference in our specialty of event pastry, where he excels.



and œnology

When the tasting of a drink with delicate scents emphasizes the flavours of a dish, then the perfect harmony and emotion are revealed.


In the city as in events, the cocktail bar gathers the crowds. Having become a must for a successful evening, the cocktail or mocktail in its alcohol-free version continues to seduce guests. At Saint Clair, our experienced mixologists are masters for the art of handling aromas and colours. Personalized creations, surprising cocktails or revisited classics, they are as beautiful as they are good. As fun to create as it is to taste, the cocktail is also available in a workshop or live version to entertain and unite your guests for a fun moment.

Demanding and respectful of our planet, our bartenders prepare their recipes using fresh ingredients, from organic farming, as well as high quality spirits. Their juices, syrups, infusions and purees are the fruit of artisanal work, homemade!

On the wine side, our exclusive oenologist travels through the vineyards of France and elsewhere throughout the year. He meets artisan-winegrowers respectful of their terroir in order to offer you a unique selection of French and foreign references. It favours quality, discovery and the pleasure obtained during tasting. Each wine offered, whether from a confidential or prestigious appellation, will meet our high standards, quality and authenticity and will subtly match each of our dishes.


The taste for beautiful things also goes through the look.

Tell us your theme and tell us what you want, our internal Decoration and Style department is always teeming with creative ideas to bring the reception of your dreams to life, both intimate and grandiose.

From floral arrangements to sparkling lights, through the harmony of tableware, not to mention the festive animations, every detail counts in order to create an event in your image.

Modern, rustic, street art, vintage, pop ... Are you bustling with ideas? Share them with our teams to co-create your evening together. Otherwise, let their imagination guide you!

Always on the lookout for new trends and at your service, our decorators analyze your needs and come up with unique concepts and personalized decors. On a moodboard or a sketch, their pencils draw the aesthetic contours of your event because receiving well is also knowing how to compose a beautiful tableart with noble or eco-designed materials. The layout of the spaces and the scenography are thus always studied with sensitivity, care and elegance.

Looking for the right venue

A successful event always begins with a great address.

Unexpected rooftop, prestigious museum, ephemeral venue, atypical apartment ... Our venue hunters are on the lookout for the latest Parisian nuggets. Integrated into our House, our specialized venue search service will assist you in selecting the ideal event venue that will best express the theme of your reception or that will surprise your guests.

Our exclusive places are also at your disposal to organize all your events:

  • The Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair, a historic site with a remarkable garden, ideally located on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne and at the foot of the famous Avenue Foch.
  • 24 place des Vosges, a private mansion housing a magnificent collection of works of art in the historic Marais district.
  • The Orient Express for an event-driven trip on a legendary train. No matter the destination, only the journey matters.


Whatever the format or the constraints of your events, we can meet all your desires and above all free your imagination to design a creative and original reception.

& Service

The taste of encounter comes first and foremost through an attentive welcome and a warm service of your guests upon their arrival.

Experienced in the profession for many years, our Reception Directors supervise and train our young, dynamic and multilingual waiters in the requirements of our House. They also pass on to them all their knowledge of the different operational restaurant techniques to offer you quality service. French, English or Russian way of service for your sit-down meals, but also the art of cutting meat and fish for your cocktail receptions, everything is mastered with perfection.

Beyond the technique, they watch with kindness, availability and courtesy the well-being of your guests.

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La Logistique

Exploiter un lieu d’exception exige une rigueur d’exception.

Si chaque site est unique, leurs exigences sont multiples. De jour comme de nuit, les grands lieux événementiels dits sensibles imposent de nombreuses règles logistiques bien spécifiques à chacun. Le savoir-faire de Saint Clair en matière de grands événements lui permet de maîtriser l’ensemble des contraintes logistiques auxquelles nos équipes doivent faire face.

De l’immensité d’un espace de convention ou d’un stade à la préciosité d’un musée historique, notre expérience et nos équipements nous permettent d’investir ces lieux avec adaptabilité, soin et respect.