April 2020

Together against the COVID-19

We have been able to support in our way the health care personnel during their struggle against the COVID-19, thanks to the town of Taverny, that is close to our production center in Val d’Oise. As soon as they have opened an emergency center to relieve the tension in the hospitals, we have offered the integrality of our stock of protections.

Saint Clair and Potel & Chabot have also supported the Hospitals of Paris by taking care of the health care personnel for their lunches and dinners :

Our donation:

2,800 masks
150 lab coats
12L Hydroalcoholic gel

2,000 meal trays
delivered everyday
of April and May, 2020.

Thank you so much to the mobilized hospital staff, for your work effort and bravery.

We also thank our employees, nothing would have been possible without them.


Take care...