March 2020

United for the economic and social rehabilitation

Last year, the TEP (Association of Parisian caterers) that Saint Clair belongs to, have decided to go into action together for an association that works on professional rehabilitation, to support employment in Paris and its region.

The group ARES (Economic and Social Reintegration Association) has been chosen in 2019, it is the main company working for economic rehabilitation in Ile de France, and its main goal is to help marginalized persons as disabled, homeless, young persons without any diploma..by offering them a job and a proper support.

Each member of the TEP has encouraged its clients to join the cause thanks to a simple donation of 10 cents of euros per guest, for each event. For each donation, Saint Clair would double the amount.

In 2019, the ARES group has been able to collect 100,000 euros from the TEP, thanks to the global support.

A huge thank you for your help and support !